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Many homeowners will have heard of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, but won’t have heard of flooring insulation that could potentially save you money also. You can now save money on your heating and energy bills by simply adding effective flooring insulation from Teltone Flooring Co.

Save money with Telton Flooring Co

Whether you are having a new floor installed or are thinking about insulating as best as you can, flooring insulation can save you money and also keep out the cold when winter comes. With wooden flooring especially it can act as an extra layer of warmth that a carpet would normally provide.

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Insulation Benefits

  • Avoiding problems such as damp
  • Environmental benefits from less energy used
  • Warmer feet at all times
  • Lower heating bills
  • Reducing draughts

There are potential savings of up to 15% of heat in each room where underfloor insulation is applied. The average sized family home can make a massive saving of up to £100 a year on their heating bills by adding insulation to their flooring solutions.

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