Flooring Renovations in Ealing

Wooden flooring is extremely durable but can show signs of wear and tear over certain periods of time and heavy use. This especially occurs when children and pets are making use of the floor but all can be easily restored with Teltone Flooring Co in West London and the Surrey areas.

Wooden Floor Restoration in Surrey

Renovation services can also be useful for those that have just discovered wooden flooring under old carpets and are looking to bring them back to life in quick time. Using our wooden flooring restoration services allows you to restore your flooring’s former glory so that you and your guests can enjoy visually stunning wooden flooring.

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Our Wood Restoration Service

Following a tried and tested technique we are able to sand down, stain lovingly and polish your wood so that you can transform your room accordingly without having to lift a finger. Our wood restoration service includes:

  • Staining and gap filling
  • Stripping and sanding
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
  • Oiling
  • Polishing
  • Sealing and refinishing
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Restoring Old Flooring

It can always be tempting to cut corners when carrying out the work yourself and just cover up old flooring when it is damaged or flawed, but with Teltone Flooring Co you can get exactly what you need to bring your flooring back to life. Add extra value to your property by restoring your traditional wood flooring efficiently today.


Call us on 020 8150 2029 or 07973 303 929 to speak to our team about your requirements and to find out more about our renovations services.

Versatility in Flooring

The wooden floors & worktops from Teltone Flooring Co are durable, visually stunning and are easily maintained. What more could you possibly want? To find out more information about the flooring you can see on this site or any other flooring solutions call us on 020 8150 2029 and get your free quote and professional advice.

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