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The rise of solid wood flooring in homes around the UK has significantly grown over the years and still looks amazing in both domestic and commercial properties.

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Whether you are looking to add a rustic feel with traditional wood flooring, or you are looking to modernise your property using stylish designs, you can find them all here with Teltone Flooring Co.

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Solid wood flooring is available in various colours, styles of woods and designs and can be laid to match the style and décor already at your home. No matter what you are looking for, you can get the perfect design here with our fully qualified team.

We advise on the most suitable flooring materials for your needs and always keep well within your budget requirements. By properly fitting the solid wood flooring solution you choose we can ensure that your new flooring will last a lifetime, when maintained efficiently. So don’t delay and treat your home to new flooring that is built to last in style.

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Wood Available:

We have a wide variety of wood to offer our customers including Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Elm, Maple & Many more.


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Solid flooring can either be traditional wood supplies or come in the style of engineered flooring. The engineered flooring solutions we supply are made up of layers of cross plywood, with an extra solid veneer coating to secure the finish. This is nothing like cheaper laminate versions you may have heard of, as it is strong, durable and can even work with underfloor heating. For easy maintenance flooring solutions and a speedy fitting process call us on 020 8150 2029 or 07973 303 929.

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