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Wood Floor Repair in Chiswick



Wood Floor Repair in Chiswick




Hillingdon, Middlesex


September, 2019


Brief Description of the job:

This was a residential repair in Chiswick, West London. It involved the repair of damage caused by the customer’s puppy who had urinated on a rug unbeknown to the customer until it was moved. The initial request was to sand the damaged area and re-varnish, but it became clear this would be unlikely to remove damage and would also end up being more costly to sand the whole ground floor. Using customers spare flooring from the original fitting of the floor – the affected boards were cut out and replaced. This was fortunate for the client as often flooring cannot be matched and then the whole ground floor must be replaced. The floor is 18mm engineered oak, secret nailed with a porter nailer – manufacturer unknown. The entire floor was then cleaned and refinished with Osmo hard wax oil. This was not an urgent request. The repair took one day to complete.

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